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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Anaheim, CA

People who commit crimes in Anaheim will be severely prosecuted by powerful state and federal attorneys.   Furthermore, most crimes warrant lengthy investigations by such organizations as the FBI, California Bureau of Investigation, Anaheim police department, and other national, state and local law enforcement agencies.  To protect yourself from intense criminal prosecution, it’s wise to retain experienced and aggressive legal counsel right away.  Hiring an Anaheim criminal defense lawyer who has vast experience in state and federal criminal defense law is the best way to increase your chances of avoiding a conviction that could land you in jail or prison.

When searching for the right Anaheim criminal defense attorney, you should look for someone who has the experience, drive, and determination to help you overcome your charges.  Some attorneys are content with doing as little work as possible.  At Coffey & Coffey, we are committed to serving our clients’ best interest, whether that means conducting our own in-depth investigation, interviewing numerous expert witnesses, working late nights to prepare a case, or standing up to prosecutors with more power and pull than us.  We are very focused and determined about achieving our objective, which is to provide our clients with the unrelenting defense necessary to win their case.   

Regardless of the crime(s) you have committed, our Anaheim criminal lawyers have the experience and skill to properly defend you in court and throughout the legal process.  We have successfully defended clients in Anaheim against numerous criminal charges, such as drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, traffic offenses, DUI, domestic violence, probation violations, murder & manslaughter, and assault & battery.  If you have a prior criminal conviction on your record, we can help you file for an expungement. In addition, we also represent people with a restraining order or bench warrant issued in their name. 
If you are looking for an Anaheim criminal attorney you can trust to not give up on your or your case, contact Coffey & Coffey today!

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