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Criminal Defense in Costa Mesa, CA

If you were arrested for committing a crime, your rights and future are in danger.  If you are found guilty of the charges, not only could you lose your freedom by being sent to jail or prison, but you could also lose your to right to drive, vote, hold certain professions, own a weapon, and more.  Furthermore, if you are convicted of the charges, your reputation is likely to be tarnished, which can affect your ability to find employment, feel welcomed in a community, and maintain relationships with the people you love.  To increase your chances of avoiding a conviction that could lead to these consequences, it’s best to retain the services of a knowledgeable and aggressive Costa Mesa criminal defense attorney.

At Coffey & Coffey, an experienced Costa Mesa criminal defense lawyer on our staff can provide you with the personal attention, tough defense, and unwavering devotion you deserve.  Right now you are in a very precarious position, as incarceration, large fines, loss of rights, and a toll on your reputation are all very real possibilities if you are found guilty.  It’s our job to make sure you have the strongest defense possible.  We take our responsibility to protect your rights and freedom very seriously, and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to make sure you aren’t found guilty. 

Regardless of the type of criminal charges you are facing, a Costa Mesa criminal attorney at our firm can help you fight your charges.  We have experience defending clients against numerous criminal charges, including domestic violence, assault & battery, DUI, sex crimes, probation violations, traffic offenses, murder & manslaughter, drug crimes, and theft crimes.  We also defend people who have a bench warrant or restraining order issued in their name.  We also help clients in Costa Mesa file an expungement to get prior criminal convictions removed from their record.  

For legal matters of this magnitude, it’s crucial that you obtain dependable, experienced, and skilled defense representation by a Costa Mesa criminal lawyer with a proven track record of success. At Coffey & Coffey, we have helped countless clients avoid a criminal conviction, and can use our knowledge and experience of the law to do the same for you!

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