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Arrested for DUI? Under investigation for a drug crime? Accused of domestic violence? Charged with assault and battery? A Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer at Coffey & Coffey may be able to help. Our experienced and aggressive attorneys defend clients in Santa Ana, California who have been accused of theft crimes, murder, manslaughter, drug crimes, sex crimes, traffic offenses and much more. Additionally, we can assist you with defense for a probation violation, help you clear your criminal record, contest a restraining order or help you with a bench warrant.  We are experienced in defending cases at the Central Justice Center to provide our clients with excellent results.

There is no question that an experienced Santa Ana criminal defense attorney will make all the difference in your case. In fact, although it would be nice to believe that the justice system works perfectly and that innocent people will not be convicted of a crime, this is not the case. This is proven by the implementation of DNA evidence in cases, which has cleared hundreds of convicted criminals – proving they were actually innocent and yet were found guilty by our justice system. Having a Santa Ana criminal defense attorney on your side that is knowledgeable and aggressive is going to work in your favor in avoiding a conviction.

The team of defense lawyers and support staff at Coffey & Coffey is dedicated to providing clients with excellent service and a level of commitment that offers them the opportunity for a winning verdict, reduced sentence, lessened charges or dismissed case. When you work with a Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer at our firm, you are working with someone who will fight for your rights and protect your future and your interests as though they were their own.

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