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At Coffey & Coffey, we are committed to providing our clients with the beset criminal defense services available.  Having defended clients in the Huntington Beach area for many years, we are highly familiar with the criminal court process here, and know how to build a strong defense case.  We offer our criminal defense services for a wide range of criminal offenses, including theft crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, DUI, domestic violence, assault & battery, murder & manslaughter, probation violations, and traffic offenses. In addition, we also represent clients with a bench warrant or restraining order issued in their name.  Furthermore, for clients wishing to have a prior conviction removed from their record, we also offer expungement services.

Have you been arrested for a DUI? Contact an Orange County DUI attorney at Coffey & Coffey.

Choosing the Right Huntington Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

When faced with criminal charges, you need to find a Huntington Beach criminal defense attorney you can trust to represent you in court. This should be someone you can not only see yourself working with, but also someone you trust to provide you with the tough, unrelenting defense that is required in any criminal case.   At Coffey & Coffey, we know the amount of work that is required for any successful criminal defense case, and we are more than willing and prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure our clients in Huntington Beach aren’t found guilty.  We always conduct our own investigation into our clients’ charges, looking for evidence and questioning witnesses we feel will enhance the strength of the case. In the courtroom, we enthusiastically present our case before the judge, and aggressively contest the prosecution’s accusations against our clients.  As always, our number one objective is to convince the jury that our clients are innocent of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

If you have been arrested for a crime, it would be our pleasure to represent you during the criminal process and provide you with the aggressive defense you deserve. When you come to Coffey & Coffey, you can rest assured that a skilled, knowledgeable, and resourceful Huntington Beach criminal defense lawyer will be handling your case, protecting your rights, and providing you with the guidance you need to get through this difficult time.

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