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Bench Warrants Issued in Orange County

Having a bench warrant out for your arrest is unsettling, to say the least. It leaves a person in a constant state of unease and fear of arrest at any time. Often issued for a failure to appear in court, a warrant may also be ordered if a person fails to follow a court order: such as failing to pay a fine or child support or failing to attend DUI (Driving Under the Influence) school after a DUI conviction. An attorney can help you if you have a bench warrant issued in your name.

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a criminal defense lawyer at Coffey & Coffey if you are aware of a bench warrant issued in your name. We offer a free case evaluation so you can talk to a lawyer at our firm and find out what can be done about your warrant. We may be able to help you avoid an embarrassing arrest in front of your friends and family, and we may be able to help you avoid harsh penalties for failing to appear in court. We understand the ins and outs of arrest warrants and can therefore represent you effectively.

At Coffey & Coffey, we handle cases throughout Fullerton, Westminster, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel and Santa Ana, California. Our attorneys are committed to practicing exclusively criminal defense in Orange County and thus have specialized knowledge and experience in this area that gives us an edge in the cases we take on.

How Hiring an Attorney Can Work in Your Favor

Sometimes, simply the act of hiring an attorney will show the judge that you are serious about handling your criminal charges. This may make future processes easier and may also give you a better opportunity of being released from custody because you are not regarded a flight risk, a label often given to those who fail to appear in court. If you are determined to be a flight risk, you may not be given a chance to post bail and be granted release from custody.

A skilled attorney can help you in a number of ways, including representing you in front of the judge, presenting the applicable information for your bench warrant, securing your release from custody, proving you did not violate a court order, and more. A bench warrant is a serious criminal matter and should be handled by an attorney who has experience in this area and can provide you with excellent service and professional representation.

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