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A criminal record can affect a person for life. In job interviews and on loan applications, you will have to disclose your record. Even when signing up to coach your son’s little league team, you will have to disclose your criminal record. This may be the basis for you to be denied employment opportunities and the other benefits of being a citizen with a clean record. You may be unable to achieve a peace of mind because of a past mistake that has tainted your reputation.

Fortunately, an attorney at Coffey & Coffey can help you petition for and obtain an expungement. After this process is successfully completed, your criminal record will essentially be erased or sealed in the eyes of the law. You will be able to legally deny your criminal record on non-government job applications and will be able to obtain certain professional licenses that you would have been denied before. An attorney can help you achieve that peace of mind you have been seeking – effectively removing that criminal record that had been haunting you.

Clearing Your Criminal Record

In order to clear your criminal record, your lawyer will need to file an Adult Record Clearance Application, which is basically a petition to ask the court to reverse a guilty plea or set aside a guilty verdict from your past. In order to qualify for an expungement, you must meet certain qualifications, and prove that:

  • You have completed probation
  • At least 1 year has passed since your conviction
  • You have served all terms and conditions of your sentence, such as counseling or jail time
  • You have completed or met any other terms of your sentence or court orders
  • No intervening convictions or criminal offenses were committed
  • You have an honest and upstanding pattern of behavior

Exceptions to Expungement in Orange County

After a record is expunged, government agencies will still be able to view your criminal record and you will need to disclose your previous record on certain government job applications. Additionally, expunged records may still be used against you in future criminal charges and convictions.

The amount of relief our clients experience after a lawyer at our firm has successfully expunged their criminal record is immense. We take pride in offering you a peace of mind by sealing or clearing your criminal record, and we fight hard to protect our clients’ rights.

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